We believe life is busy enough, and searching for lost items is robbing us of our precious free time. The CaseMe Wallet for iPhone is a complete wallet replacement solution, capable of concealing up to 5 credit cards or up to 12 business cards. It can also hold cash bills, house keys, as well as an optional SIM Cards, and Mini USB Flash Drives for all your secret files. The CaseMe Wallet allows iPhone  Case users to finally ditch their bulky wallets and replace them with a beautifully streamlined protective case.

“Nobody wants to carry a wallet. You don’t want another thing you have to remember to put in your pants when you walk out the door. You don’t want another thing to lose.” – Tim Cook [Apple CEO]

CaseMe Wallet for iPhone 6S Plus  Case model went way beyond by incorporating other excellent features, like 360 degree screen-edge protection, as well as making a super-good looking case that not only completely conceals your wallet from prying eyes, but is also extremely comfortable in your hand.

If you compare the CaseMe Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus to any other case made, it is hard to believe it can successfully conceal so many important items, in such a small space!!!








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  1. Love the idea of this case, exactly what I’m looking for. BUT, will the magnet that holds the detachable shell in the wallet interfere with wireless charging on the new iPhones?


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