This year, the Snapdragon 870 processor has been used in several Xiaomi phones, including the Mi Mi 10S and the POCO F3 / REDMI K40 / MI 11X. It is clearly cheaper than the Snapdragon 888, as it is an ideal choice for a “flagship killer” device. Caseme has released Xiaomi POCO F3 Case, Xiaomi Redmi K40 Case and Redmi K40 Pro Case, please check our official website for the latest information.

All of the above models are missing a -5G VONR support. For the uninitiated, VONR, which stands for “5G New Wireless Voice,” is a new calling technology that makes full use of the 5G network’s SA architecture. It significantly reduces latency and improves sound and image quality, resulting in a very outstanding call experience. In a nutshell, it’s basically Volte, but for 5G.

The technology appears to have been used on devices such as the Redmi K40 Pro and Mi 10T Pro, which are supported by Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 888 processors. However, it may have been lost on the Snapdragon 870 device due to the latest version of the processor. But this has now changed with MIUI 12.5 China Closed Beta 21.4.16.

The update finally adds 5G VONR functionality to Snapdragon 870 devices such as the POCO F3. For now, though, only “engineers” can debug it. It can still be accessed manually by entering a code in the phone dial screen. Simply type * # * # 8667 # * # * and a new window appears with a toggle switch to activate the VONR call.

Keep in mind that it is only available on the MIUI 12.5 China Beta ROM, which means it will take some time to enable VONR on Snapdragon 870 5G devices like the POCO F3. However, given the upcoming global update to the MIUI 12.5, it shouldn’t take long for high-end Xiaomi/POCO devices. For now, please stay tuned to our official Caseme website.