Answer: Yes. iPad Pro 11 inch 3th Gen (2021) Case fit the iPad Pro 4th Gen (2022).

iPad Pro 11 inch M2 4th Gen (2022) Size:
Height: 9.74 inches (247.6 mm)
Width: 7.02 inches (178.5 mm)
Depth: 0.23 inch (5.9 mm)

iPad Pro 11 inch M1 3th Gen (2021) Size:
Height: 9.74 inches (247.6 mm)
Width: 7.02 inches (178.5 mm)
Depth: 0.23 inch (5.9 mm)

According to the specs above, the new 2022 4th generation 11-inch iPad Pro is the same size as the 3rd generation 2021 model and has the same camera panel, ports and buttons. You can put your old 2021 case on the 2022 iPad Pro 11″ without any problem. You can save the money for other accessories like the Apple Pencil.

Apple and most third-party companies will develop cases and other accessories for the new models in the coming weeks. But if you’re looking to get a case ready for your new iPad Pro on day one, buying an iPad case from the official website will be your best bet.

If you want to use Apple’s latest keyboard case with your older iPad Pro, the new keyboard case for the 2022 iPad Pro models also works with the 2021 model. The new 2022 iPad Pro Keyboard Case is cross-compatible with 2020 and 2021 models.

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