Answer: Yes. You can use your old iPad mini 6 case with the new iPad mini 7.

Considering the release history of iPad Mini series, we can assume that the iPad Mini 7 will be released in September or October, but it is more likely to be released in September as this is the most common situation at recent years. Of course, this is based on the past historical assumptions, and sometimes these dates may be changed.

Apple recently adjusted its product lineup with the iPad Mini 6. Therefore, we expect the iPad Mini 7 to have some minor refinements, but most same designs. Before the release of the current 6th generation iPad Mini in 2021, the iPad mini screen is up to 7.9 inches. Due to the removal of the homepage button, the screen of the iPad Mini 6 is 8.3 inches, and it is expected that the iPad Mini 7 will not change this point.

It is expected that the iPad Mini 7 will use the same 8.3 inch 1488 x 2266 IPS LCD screen, which may increase the brightness compared to the current 500nits. However, it is unlikely that the display technology will be changed to OLED or MiniLED. A forum post stated that Apple has ordered an 8.3 inch monitor from Samsung, which supports a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, and the new screen may be used for the iPad Mini 7.

There will be a gentle update with some minor internal improvements and almost no new features on iPad Mini7. The main selling point of the iPad Mini 7 will be its updated processor, which is likely to be an A16 or A17 biomimetic processor. Compared to the A15 biomimetic chips that used by the current iPad Mini series, this will improve its performance. Moreover, iPad Mini 7 will continue to support Touch ID on the power button and 5G connection on the phone model.

Considering that the current model has a history of over a year, it is more likely that the iPad Mini 7 will be released at the end of 2023 or early 2024. Famous Apple analyst Mingzhi Guo seems to also believe that the next generation iPad Mini 7 will be launched at that time.

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