Answer: Yes. iPad Air 4 2020 Case fit the iPad Air 5 2022.

There is no difference in the design of these two products. Apple has not even changed the size of these two iPads. For example, the positions of buttons, cameras, microphones and speakers are identical. If you plan to upgrade to the iPad Air 5, if you already have a new protective case on your iPad Air 4, you don’t need to rush to buy it. If you do not have an iPad Air 4 case, you need to buy a new iPad Air 5 2022 case for it.

  1. iPad Air 5 2022 Shockproof Protective Cover with 360° Swivel Stand and Shoulder Strap

iPad Air 5 2022 Shockproof Protective Cover is made of durable, child-safe and impact-resistant PC and rubber materials, with thickened four-corner design. Our hybrid tablet shell provides protection against bumps, dust, scratches and falls. There is a 360-degree rotatable turntable inside the back cover, and a folding bracket is hidden inside. When the bracket is extended, it can rotate 360 degrees with the turntable to obtain different bracket angles. This box has a pencil holder function, which can protect your pen well. Warm prompt: no built-in screen protector design. The rear turntable also has a built-in strap. When you put your hand into the strap, you can firmly grasp the center of gravity of the tablet. In addition, there is still an adjustable detachable shoulder strap, which allows you to display the tablet behind a car seat or between two seats for personal viewing, and no longer bored with car travel. Perfect for active people and outdoor game players!

  1. iPad Air 5 10.9 Inch 2022 Three Layer Full Body Protection Shockproof Protective Cover with Pencil Holder

iPad Air 5 10.9-inch protective case is made of hard PC shell+high-quality silicone rubber, which is durable and can protect your fifth generation of Air from falling, scratching, impact and scratch. All materials are environmentally friendly and harmless to women, men, children and the elderly. The iPad air 4 / 5 case 10.9-inch built-in Apple pencil holder, supports Touch ID, Apple 2nd pencil charging /Pair and magnetic attachment (the Apple pencil is firmly fixed in place to avoid falling off) without removing The iPad 5th generation tablet case can easily access all buttons, speakers and cameras through precisely cut openings. Especially the charging port with rubber baffle can prevent dust from entering. This is also a good and practical gift for your children and friends. This cover case also adopts Functional Kickstand design with 2 angles, which has two angles: Typing and Viewing. Extremely convenient and excellent for video and chatting!

  1. iPad Air 5 10.9 Inch 2022 Three Layer Heavy Duty Shockproof Protective Cover with Kickstand

iPad Air 5 Protective Cover Case combines high-quality and durable hard PC plastic front cover+hard PC plastic rear cover+soft silicone bumper, with fine workmanship, effectively protecting your iPad Air 5th/4th from falling, impact, impact and scratch in daily use, and is safe for children.This shock-proof tablet case has a built-in solid bracket, which allows you to adjust the best viewing and typing position according to your needs. It is easy to watch movies, videos or make video calls with other people in landscape mode. It is also convenient to operate when working.The iPad Air 5 case also designed with a smart holder slot for Apple Pencil on the side of the case, convenient to remove and attach. Magnetic accessories and wireless charging of Touch ID and the second generation Apple Pencil are supported. You can directly charge Apple Pencil without removing the tablet case. Simple and practical, suitable for daily use. All ports and buttons can be used without removing the protective cover. The accurate
opening ensures that all ports are in their proper positions. You can feel every click of the response button.

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