Answer: No. iPad 9th Generation (2021) Case will not fit the iPad 10th generation (2022).

iPad 9th Generation 10.2″ (2021) Size:
Height: 9.8 inches (250.6 mm)
Width: 6.8 inches (174.1 mm)
Depth: 0.293 inch (7.5 mm)

iPad 10th Generation 10.9″ (2021) Size:
Height: 9.794 inches (248.6 mm)
Width: 7.07 inches (179.5 mm)
Depth: 0.28 inch (7 mm)

According to Apple official figures, the new 10th generation iPad has a 10.9-inch screen, and the 9th generation iPad has a 10.2-inch screen, so you need to buy an iPad 10th Generation Case.

If you want to keep your iPad pristine, you’ll need a iPad case, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best options for the new iPad 10th Gen Case below.

  1. iPad 10th Gen 10.9 Inch 2022 Heavy Duty Shockproof Protective Cover with Pencil Holder

iPad 10th Generation Case 2022 comes with good safe and durable materials, 2 layers of hard PC shell and 1 layers. Case for iPad 10 generation is extremely shockproof against accidental drop or bumps, secure your investment from crack or scratch. Case for iPad 10 Generation for Kids builts in 2 kickstands like typing + viewing angles. So convenient to read, browse, or watch videos. At the same time, iPad 10 case comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, easily carry your iPad everywhere. All buttons, speakers, back camera, front camera and sensors are easily accessible through precisely cut openings in this iPad 10.9 inch case 2022. Pencil holder design keeps the 1st gen Apple Pencil is convenient to be stored. Our brand has been committed to providing customers with top quality. This iPad 10th generation case for kids is designed with anime character elements. They are more immersed in the atmosphere when boys and girls are playing and studying on iPad. Bring more fun between parent-child, friends and families, share with each other.

  1. iPad 10th Gen 10.9 Inch 2022 Three Layer Full Body Protection Shockproof Protective Cover with Pencil Holder

New iPad 10.9 2022 10th Gen case, entirely made of premium hard polycarbonate & anti-skidding soft silicone. That is keeping our iPad 10th tablet from being damaged by accidentally drops, scratches and shocks. , and it is convenient to wash by water. Built-in Slot, keep the 1st gen Apple Pencil not loose. Store it or take it out within 1 second. Choose optimal viewing and typing positions (2 Mode) based on your needs that allows easy access to your favorite shows, movies, and games while on the go. The appearance design makes you associate with the hero of animation. Fans can imagine heroic battling villains in a fight for the fate of the world with this ipad case 10th generation figure.

  1. iPad 10th Gen 10.9 Inch 2022 Three Layer Heavy Duty Shockproof Protective Cover with Kickstand

iPad 10th 2022 shockproof case is made from high-grade thermoplastic polycarbonate and anti-skidding silicone, to create a perfect protection for your iPad. Not only shockproof/durable but also comfortable hand feeling. Precise cutouts and design allow easy access to all ports, sensors, speakers, cameras without removing the case. Functional pop out kickstand allows easy access to your favorite shows, movies, and games while on the go. Three Layer design combines a premium shockproof silicone outer layer with a hard PC cover; perfect ipad 10.9 inch case for children and withstands accidental drop, bump and shock damage. Great ideal for kids, students, teachers, or engineers. It is the best gifts for kids, boys, husband, boyfriend, family and friends.

  1. iPad 10th Gen 10.9 Inch 2022 Shockproof Protective Cover with 360° Swivel Stand and Shoulder Strap

iPad 10th Gen 10.9 Inch 2022 Case protect your iPad 10 tablet 2022 from fingerprints and scratches. Pencil holder can hold your pencil in place tightly to avoid falling out while walking. 360-degree rotating swivel stand supports position of 3 angles(Vertical, Horizontal, and Halfway between), ideal for watching videos, conferences and travelling. Soft rotating handle strap prevents falling of iPad Generation 10th tablet, featuring convenient use for teachers, students, waiters, doctors, nurses and conference presenters. Adjustable shoulder grip can be slanted and release your hands completely. This function is perfect for traveling, restaurant ordering, home product introduction, engineer outdoor operation, teacher, etc. Also, the strap allows you to hang up your tablet behind car seat for entertainment for kids. Hard PC clamshell with external soft silicone cushion coating and Corner Protection Design offer max protection from drop,bump,shock and optimum comfortable grip. Corner Protection Durable Design,Hybrid defender armor anti-slip shock-absorption triple layers. Precise cutout design,easy access to buttons, ports, cameras, and speakers without removing the case.

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