Samsung S10’s biggest bright spot is the ultimate thin and feel, and the industry’s highest-end ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, Samsung’s screen protector may have a great impact on the recognition accuracy, and sometimes will not respond, if you have a very good response to the high requirements, we recommend that you do not use a screen protector, then how to solve the screen protection problem? The Samsung S10 wallet case is the perfect solution to this problem. It has both protection and you can also enjoy the superb screen craftsmanship and feel of the S10.

CaseMe Case is a Samsung S10 mobile phone case that is positioned for luxury and fashion. Without the design of the traditional mobile phone case, the CaseMe phone case which is known for its light and stylish style, highlights the ingenuity of the details.

The CaseMe phone case combines sturdiness and softness, and is wrapped in soft silicone on the outside of the sturdy frame. On the one hand, it is easy to load the mobile phone; on the other hand, it can also effectively prevent the mobile phone from falling over the screen or the back when it falls, which plays a very good protection role. The CaseMe phone case is the best choice for the Samsung S10.

As a fashion and trend-oriented product, the CaseMe wallet case can make the Samsung S10 stand out from the crowd. In the era of homogenization, it is beautiful and different. It is worth having!

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