Apple will officially release its latest iPhone 11 series at the Jobs Grand Theatre. Ahead of apple’s official launch of the new iPhone 11 series, Wal-mart has been stocking phone cases for the new iphone 11 series of models to sell quickly once the phones hit the market.

Wal-mart employees said protective cases for the iPhone 11 series from the CaseMe maker have arrived in stores. The square rear camera module design for the new iPhone 11 case is all but confirmed, according to photos released by walmart employees. In addition, the photo reveals the iPhone version of the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch screens. These are the iPhone 11 Pro Case and the iPhone 11 Pro Max Case.

In addition to wal-mart and other major accessory manufacturers, telecom operators are also busy preparing for the launch of the new iPhone. According to 9to5Mac, apple will begin pre-selling the new iPhone on September 13, and it will go on sale on September 20. The iPhone 11 will offer more color options, such as dark green and purple, as well as a foggy glass finish. In other respects, it is roughly the same as the three models released last year.

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