As the leader in the mobile phone industry, Apple mobile phone has been widely introduced by users for its exquisite workmanship quality and excellent performance configuration. In particular, the release of Apple 11 series of mobile phones, is a rise of a wave of replacement phone. In the face of apple’s iPhone 11 Pro which is purchased at a high price, users will add a protective case to the phone. The personalized and fashionable iPhone 11 Pro case can show its unique taste and temperament while decorating the phone.

The protective case designed by CaseMe is undoubtedly different from ordinary protective case in its magnetic-absorbing structure. The front and rear two hd transparent tempered glass materials, CaseMe iPhone 11 Pro mobile phone case is integrated by means of metal border multi-point magnetic absorption. Not only can restore the aesthetic feeling of the original color of the mobile phone at any time, but also can bring excellent anti-scratch and wear-resisting effect.

As the leader in the mobile phone accessories industry, The products designed by iCarer are always sought after by users for their exquisite workmanship, high-quality materials and excellent quality. The same is true for the iCarer iPhone 11 Pro case launched this time. Its appearance is made of simple and atmospheric pure black color. Although it does not have too many fancy elements, it still shows the user’s generous and decent attitude towards life.

The iPhone 11 Pro case, designed by BRG, is made in a minimalist style. The unique color contrast element makes the original slightly monotonous mobile phone case appear more fashionable and individual character. Meanwhile, the appearance of various colors can be selected according to the user’s preference. In addition, BRG iPhone 11 Pro has a skin-friendly, frosted shell surface, which can effectively prevent fingerprints from adhering to hand sweat, making it fresh and comfortable for long-lasting use. Combined with a protective design with a front and rear elevation of 0.7mm, it is sufficient to prevent scratch and wear caused by daily desktop placement.

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