If I had to choose one of the iPhone 12 models, I would have no hesitation in choosing the iPhone 12 Mini. First, price is my biggest consideration, and second, it has the iPhone 12’s top-notch imaging features. If you’ve been following the iPhone 12 Mini (or have already ordered one) and are looking for a good case right now, this list of the best iPhone 12 Mini cases of 2020 is for you.

If an uncompromising approach is your primary concern, you should add the CaseMe iPhone 12 Mini case to your shopping cart. The case is made of PU leather and shock-absorbing TPU rear casing, has three slots and a wrist band, and supports wireless charging.

The POLA iPhone 12 Mini wallet case has a sturdy case that prevents bumps, scratches and accidental falls. The design is very attractive and comes with a wrist band and a portable band for easy travel.

DG.MING iPhone 12 Mini case provides double layer protection, and thanks to magnetic detachable technology, it can avoid accidental drop. It has a raised bezel to protect the screen from discoloration, an antibacterial coating on the top, and is compatible with wireless charging.

The leather case for iCarer iPhone 12 Mini is made of top Grade Italian leather, with soft microfiber leather inside. It is said that it can absorb 90% of the impact caused by accidental fall, and will not hinder wireless charging.

If you’re excited about the company’s new MagSafe charging technology, you can’t go wrong with Apple’s official MagSafe silicone case for the iPhone 12 Mini. The soft touch of the case is unparalleled. In addition, a magnetic ring inside the case ensures that you place the iPhone 12 Mini accurately on the MagSafe charger.

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