iPhone can be a precious and important part of your daily life, something you want to take care of. Your iPhone 12 Pro is an expensive investment, you will want to do your best to take care of it, and you will want to find an best iPhone 12 Pro wallet case that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

CaseMe wallet phone case is hand-made with durable PU leather and flexible TPU, providing high-quality anti-slip function and comfortable touch. CaseMe iPhone 12 Pro wallet phone case contains 7 card slots, 1 cash slot and 1 zipper wallet design box. You can carry your ID card, credit or debit card, coins and cash with you, satisfying your daily life and business travel All needs. The high-efficiency and sturdy magnetic buckle can be opened and closed safely, providing a safe and reliable lock to keep the case closed firmly, and provide comprehensive protection in the event of an accidental drop of your iPhone.

The POLA iPhone 12 Pro case combines the functions of a wallet, handbag and mobile phone case. The wallet has 1 zipper pocket, 2 currency clips, and 12 credit card slots. It can be used to store cash, coins, keys, earphones, checkbook and detachable wristband. It is definitely a super-functional wallet for daily use. The phone case can be separated or combined with the wallet at any time through the action of a magnet. In addition, the wallet part has a camera hole, so you don’t need to take the phone out of the wallet when taking pictures. The zippered cash compartment opens and closes to protect your cash. When you only want to carry the phone case alone, you can separate the phone case from the wallet, and the phone case can still protect your phone from scratches, dust and fingerprints.

DG.MING iPhone 12 Pro wallet is a perfect combination of mobile phone case and wallet. It is equipped with 3 card slots and a cash slot, making it easier for you to use wallet-style phone cases instead of wallets and mobile phones with protective cases when you are out. In addition, it is detachable, which means that when you like to pick up your phone and don’t need a wallet, you can just put a part of the wallet aside. If you are pursuing a simple life, we believe that our wallet-style phone case with card holder is a good choice.

The AutSpace iPhone 12 Pro leather case is made of soft materials for a comfortable touch, and the durable leather fabric protects the phone when it is dropped. The 3 card slots can hold your credit card and some cash, so you don’t need to carry your wallet when you go out. Not only can it be used as a wallet, but also a single box can be taken out of the wallet, which feels lighter. Convenient for reading, watching movies, and hands-free. Comes with a high-quality leather wristband for your daily use.

Jeehood iPhone 12 Pro compatible leather case and a magnetic wallet card holder with stand function. Both are made of high-quality leather. There is nothing more perfect than such a combination. Built-in 38+2 strong attraction magnets and anti-degaussing materials, this wallet card holder can not only match your iPhone perfectly), it can also store and protect your mobile phone credit card very well, it can store 5 cards and some money. The detachable design gives you more choices, with or without card sleeves. With this MagSafe leather wallet-style protective case, you can watch movies anytime, anywhere without having to purchase an additional stand. It will bring you the greatest convenience.

The iCarer iPhone 12 Pro leather cases are hand-made with high-quality Italian cowhide, which is waterproof, scratch-resistant, durable and comfortable. The exquisite stitching is carefully crafted by skilled leather workers. The leather case provides 3 card holder slots and 1 banknote compartment, which can store important credit cards, ID cards, business cards and folded banknotes anytime and anywhere. RFID blocking technology is used to block RFID signals and protect your card information from infringement. Authorized scanner. The shockproof folding box perfectly fits every corner and provides maximum protection. This leather case not only protects the back of the smartphone, but also protects the LCD screen. The raised edges around the camera lens and touch screen protect them from drops, cracks, and surface scratches.

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