While the plastic back of the Galaxy Note 20 May not be as easily damaged as the glass panel, it’s still a $1,000 smartphone. If you’re worried about keeping the Note 20 safe, you might want to buy one of these best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases. Everything from the basic transparent case to the premium leather case is up to your taste, and this list contains something for everyone.

CaseMe Wallet Case is a great choice for those who like to use a leather case that doubles as a wallet. The CaseMe Samsung Galaxy Note 20 wallet case is a durable leather case with a stand, 10 credit card slots, a cash storage bag and a zipper pocket. It has wireless charging and exquisite tactile buttons that guarantee a click-and-respond touch experience.

DG.MING Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. It is made from a variety of materials, including leather, TPU and polycarbonate, and is expected to achieve military-grade fall protection. Built-in magnets make it easy to mount inside the car, and a removable leather credit card clip sets the product apart from its competitors. The case also supports wireless charging, but only if the cardholder has removed it.

In some cases, you want to get out of town, but you don’t want to carry a bulky wallet. So where the POLA Samsung Galaxy Note 20 case comes into play, as it will probably keep up to eight in its inner pocket. RFID security is also included so that your card data does not fall into the wrong hands. The case includes a TPU bumper to hold the Galaxy Note 20 in place and a magnetic clasp for the entrance cover.

The Love Mei Samsung Galaxy Note 20 waterproof case has an IP68 protection class and provides 360-degree protection and impact resistance. It meets the requirements of MIL-STD-810G-516 and has undergone a drop test with a height of not more than 2m. The built-in screen protector provides an additional layer of protection for the device’s 6.7-inch display. Despite its weight, the case also supports wireless charging.

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 waterproof case provides maximum protection at the expense of the phone’s sleek appearance, then the Binfen Color Samsung Galaxy Note 20 case is the opposite and aims to increase the phone’s elasticity without overlaying its design. This is one of the Galaxy Note 20’s best cases. It’s made of TPU and polycarbonate; It has a raised border and is designed to lift the screen and camera from a flat surface.

Obviously, it is difficult and unwise to recommend a case to everyone. Depending on your lifestyle, the Galaxy Note 20 will more or less need a sturdy protective case, not to mention beauty in the eye of the beholder. Alternatively, you might find it easier to buy multiple cases and switch between them based on your use case.

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