Sansung Galaxy Note 9 was released last week, and there is no significant improvement compared to Galaxy Note 8. According to CNET, sales of Galaxy Note 9 did not exceed the sales of Note 8 during the same period, probably due to its price increase, the price of 8GB version, more than $1,000, according to our experience, Galaxy Note 9 needs more than $200 to change screens. In order to save this cost, I suggest you buy Sansung Galaxy Note 9 case.

There are many styles of protective cases on the market. The wallet phone case has the best protection, we have selected some of the Sansung Galaxy Note 9 wallet cases we think are best.

CaseMe Sansung Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case
This magnetic detachable wallet zipper PU leather Folio flip carrying case is designed for the Galaxy Note 9. It is made of leather with a zippered wallet; there are several compartments for coins, cash, photo credit cards, etc., detachable ultra-thin casing. A zip closure ensures that all your items remain safe inside. In addition, it has a snap button on top of the case for double safety. It provides perfect protection while preventing dirt and fingerprint scratches from accumulating.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case
This leather wallet is perfectly designed with a shoulder strap/detachable wrist. It can hold up to 14 credit cards. Smart design allows you to easily get cards by simply flipping the internal bracket. In addition, it is made of high-grade materials. In addition, this case is suitable for teenagers, women and men.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Leather Wallet Case

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case
Who like leather wallet case don’t need to look anymore, because CaseMe Wallet Case will outline all your interests. This padded case covers your Note 9 from all angles. The case has a thin, small case with a magnetic cover. You will find several card slots and a larger purse inside. The quality is very good, you can choose from a variety of different colors to get the exact look and texture you want. It obviously adds some volume, but there are exact openings to make sure you can access every feature of your Note 9 without going offline.

DG.MING Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Vintage Wallet Case

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case
Our favorite DG.MING case is super soft and covers the Vintage collection. These designs are hand-crafted, beautifully crafted, and glamorous in the UK, with a very practical open-box that holds three credit cards, while Note 9 is housed in a plastic case. Like all the best leather products, the more you use it, the more natural it is.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Folio Wallet Case

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Case
This folio is made of high-grade leather with a perfectly fitted PC case to keep your Note 9 comfortable and safe. The outer casing is extremely small with all the required cuts. This is not a sturdy fall protection case, but it does cover all angles, so if you usually put Note 9 in a bag, it will work well.

Although the Sansung Galaxy Note 9 did not bring more surprises, it is also a very high-end smartphone. Samsung puts the main focus on R&D and will release the Galaxy S10 next year. Some mobile phone accessories manufacturers have leaked its design in advance. Interested friends can see here, Sansung Galaxy S10 Wallet Case, Sansung Galaxy S10 Plus Wallet Case.

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