The iPhone is one of the most popular mobile phones on the market today. With the upcoming release of the latest iPhone 13 series, but the iPhone 12 is still the best-selling mobile phone at present, finding a suitable protective case for the iPhone 12 is a difficult choice. There are thousands of different types of iPhone protective cases. Finding the right people for the right needs can be difficult. For active users, something more durable and lighter may be needed, while for other users, style and design may be more important. Here, we have collected the best iPhone 12 wallet cases, check out our top picks below.

CaseMe is our most protective iPhone case, and it’s very slim. The slim and simple design of the CaseMe iPhone 12 wallet case provides strong protection. Compatible with wireless charging. The perfect combination of minimalism and shock absorption. The unique micro-etched matte texture strikes a perfect balance between excellent hand feel and excellent grip. The smooth and rounded edges are slightly higher than the phone screen, providing extra protection.

The DG.MING mobile phone case has a built-in wallet for easy storage of cash, credit cards and other items. The raised edges prevent cracks when the screen is dropped. It is also compatible with wireless chargers, even if there is a wallet accessory on the back. The DG.MING iPhone 12 wallet case can only comfortably hold four to five cards, so many users want more space.

POLA is hand-made with full-grain leather, which will develop a patina over time and soften over time. The inner microfiber prevents scratches, while a separate magnetic case protects your iPhone with a raised outer edge. POLA aims to replace your wallet + mobile phone case. POLA iPhone 12 has internal slots and side pockets for folding banknotes/receipts. Never forget your wallet or iPhone when you go out in a hurry!

AutSpace’s wallet is a great alternative to Apple’s leather case, and it also has additional space to store your cards. The AutSpace iPhone 12 wallet phone case can hold two to three cards. It is made of soft-touch organic distressed leather, with a microfiber lining inside, and three color options: black, blue and tan.

If you use iPhone 12 for video conferencing, it is useful to have something to keep it upright while freeing your hands. Usually, you have to buy a stand or support it on something, the iCarer leather case can do the job well. iCarer iPhone 12 can hold up to three cards, and the folded back cover can be used as a convenient stand.

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