With the official launch of Apple’s iPhone 12, which means the release of countless third-party accessories, a large number of iphone cases have already hit the shelves. You know you’re going to buy the new iPhone 12 Pro, and you need a case to protect it. Fortunately, there are already a lot of great choices for all the new iPhone 12 models available! We scoured hundreds of them to find the best iPhone 12 Pro wallet cases, and you can find all of them below.

CaseMe now offers a range of sleek sturdy casings to protect its new line of smartphones. The CaseMe iPhone 12 Pro case was engineered using the brand’s proprietary materials, which are sustainably sourced and DEFENSiFYTM coated. Meanwhile, the leather case is refined from a 90% by weight recyclable material, and the biodegradable vegan case is handmade.

If your expensive new iPhone slips off your fingers or hits a hard surface, the POLA iPhone 12 Pro provides excellent collision protection. Each case also features a “military drop test” certification and traction grip to improve stability, and an elevated guard around the screen to ensure the security of the unbeatable iPhone 12 Pro.

DG.MING iPhone 12 cases are more than just smart phone cases. With built-in magnets, the series makes it easy to add and remove accessories. Thanks to this design, it turns your iPhone 12 Pro case into a full wallet. Each case has a soft microfiber lining that protects your phone from scratches. The appearance of leather keeps it safe and beautiful. In addition, angular edges protect your camera lens while preventing breakage. A hidden magnet with automatic alignment makes it easy to install the modulator and hold it in place.

BRG offers generous protection against investment in the iPhone 12 Pro. The BRG iPhone 12 Pro case has been tested to meet and exceed the concrete drop test standard of up to 10 feet (MilSTD-810g) while remaining slim and smooth. Can add additional shock absorption effect for droplets. It also has a raised front lip (1.2mm) to help avoid screen damage or scratches.

ICarer is known for its leather cases and rugged designs. The leather the company USES will age over time to achieve a unique look. The sturdy iCarer iPhone 12 Pro case offers the most protection against falls, while the case has a slot for storing credit CARDS. There have been no cases of MagSafe.

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