The new iPhone 12 series has been officially unveiled, with Apple introducing four new iphones this year. Here, the iPhone 12 Mini is even smaller than the iPhone SE (2020), but it has as many features as the iPhone 12. Both the iPhone12 Pro and iPhone12 Pro Max are also equipped with fancy LiDAR sensors and better camera systems.

Suppose you decide to buy one of these great devices. The next thing to do is buy a case for your new phone. We cover the best iPhone 12 cases to make it easier for you to get the best protection for your new Apple device. We’ll cover all models in a separate article, but this one focuses on the iPhone 12.

When you need the ultimate protection, the Love Mei iPhone 12 Case is undoubtedly a wise choice. It USES a double body design and adds a new extreme shock foam to absorb the extra shock. The polycarbonate case is covered in a soft TPU material, and AirCusion technology combined with the new protective foam ensures that your iPhone 12 is virtually impervious to impact.

DG.MING iPhone 12 offers advanced drop protection while keeping your iPhone 12 on display. Ultra Hybrid combines shock-absorbing, flexible bumpers with a sturdy back to maximize defensive capabilities. Air cushion technology protects every corner of the phone, thereby reducing all the impact of everyday collisions.

The BRG iPhone 12 takes the case to a whole new level. It’s a fashion statement. The iPhone 12 case is designed with a bold iridizing effect, providing bright, high-quality light on the front and back, balancing uneven, attractive backlighting and making selfies a snap. Simple to use, this is a mobile lighting studio within easy reach.

The iPhone 12 is definitely the look, so why hide it? ICarer iPhone 12‘s ultra-thin protective shell provides enough protection, while keeping things thin and comfortable. The case is simple in design and has no brand logo or name, so it USES the very fashionable iPhone 12 protection method.

The clear non-slip handle on the POLA iPhone 12 case ensures extreme durability. The box can withstand a drop of up to 13 feet and offers antibacterial protection that reduces bacterial growth on the box by 99 percent. The perfect-clear coating prevents discoloration, and the anti-yellowing material keeps the case Clear over time.

Leather has always been popular, and the CaseMe iPhone 12 has a thin exterior that is completely wrapped in full-grain leather — a durable look that makes it even more attractive to wear. Cool colors are also available, and our favorite is CaseMe Case.

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