Since Apple released its flagship iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2019, manufacturers have been busy producing a variety of stunning and versatile smartphone cases to suit various tastes and budgets. With so many choices, which case should you choose? To help you make that decision, we highlight the best iPhone 11 Pro cases available today, covering a wide range of styles and budgets.

Do you need more card slots? CaseMe Wallet Case may be your ideal choice. Not only does the CaseMe iPhone 11 Pro leather case have an additional storage area, it also has two. On the inside of the wallet, you will find four deep card slots. When you open the opening of the lid, you will find two side pockets. One inside, one outside. Can completely replace your wallet or wallet.

This protective case from DG.MING is made of premium vegetable tanned leather and comes with a handy pocket card bag on the back for storing important CARDS – about three. DG.MING iPhone 11 Pro protection case protects your iPhone from basic falling, and it is designed to withstand damage caused by rough materials such as jeans pockets. The shell comes in a variety of colors, including brown, gray and black.

The Denior iPhone 11 Pro has a high quality, affordable case and comes in a variety of colors: black, brown, gold, dark green, navy blue. The case is beautiful and elegant, with a sense of touch, matte leather surface, very ergonomic. If you’re the kind of person who likes to carry a card around with you, then the case in this case should be for you — it has a slot for storing credit CARDS and tickets.

ICarer iPhone 11 Pro case is made of high-quality Scandinavian full-grain leather, which is very suitable for discerning iPhone users who like fashion. The case retains the iPhone 11 Pro’s thin design, making it ideal for everyday professional use. It comes in a variety of colors: brown, red and black. It may not be as durable as the other battery cases highlighted here (the inside of the case is made of soft microfiber lining), but it will gently protect your phone from basic falls and collisions.

The POLA iPhone 11 Pro has three slots in its case and an extra wallet pouch for storing cash. But what’s really nice about this special case is that it has beautiful magnetic buttons, so if you stuff the front cover with a credit card, the front cover doesn’t stay open, which is what some other wallet cases do.

In terms of protective phone case, LOVE MEI iPhone 11 Pro has a three-layer design, which can protect your iPhone 11 Pro from dust, fall and scratch. A reinforced polycarbonate inner shell and a thick silicone outer layer absorb the impact. The case may not be the finest on the market, and it will undoubtedly add some volume to your thin iPhone 11 Pro – so it’s not a good choice if you like to keep your phone in your pocket or want to show off its shape – but if you really want to protect the iPhone 11 Pro, that’s fine.

The BRG iPhone 11 Pro covers almost all of the iPhone’s design, so if you want to show that you have an iPhone, you probably won’t choose this phone — but the geometry of the parallax case is striking, and the BRG case’s thin functional design definitely feels great to work with. Protective forms provide extra grip on the side and durable corner pads prevent accidental falls and collisions.

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