The Galaxy Note 20 is Samsung’s biggest and most powerful new phone, a behemoth with a giant display. But you need to protect that huge $1,400 of aluminum and glass. Some of the industry’s best case manufacturers have launched a raft of new products. Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 wallet cases.

If you’re looking to buy wallet leather, this CaseMe Wallet case is a great choice. Its durable, soft silicone surface has an anti-skid coating that provides extra grip and an open case that provides full protection for your phone and comes with a magnetic clasp to protect your handbag or pocket. The CaseMe Samsung Galaxy Note 20 comes with an internal slot for holding credit CARDS, cash or tickets, and a case that folds itself into a stand for a hands-free Netflix session or video call.

Although folio leather wallet cases are more common, we still have a soft spot for leather wallets that open downward, DG.MING is one of the best. DG.MING Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leather case is made of earthquake-resistant hard shell and is covered with soft and luxurious premium leather. As the name suggests, this is a thin case, so you can still slide the phone into pockets and bags easily, and the leather won’t interfere with wireless charging. It’s magnetically locked and has a microfiber lining and padded cover to help protect your shiny Galaxy Note 20 in the cabin. An excellent and quiet fashion watch case.

Not only is the POLA case made of sturdy double-decker polycarbonate that meets the military drop test criteria for surviving a four-foot drop of 26 drops, but it also has three hidden card slots to prevent snooping on your payment card and ID. POLA Samsung Galaxy Note 20 foldable rear leather clamshell can be used as either a multi-position or metal stand, making it compatible with a magnetic car stand.

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