iPhone 11 Pro Max has been the talk of the town since it’s been launched. It’s highly praised for its astonishing design, huge 6.5-inch display, IOS13, updated camera and a new A13 Bionic chip. With its outstanding appearance and features, there’s no denying that it costs quite expensive. So, it’s quite obvious that you are never going to compromise its protection. To provide ultimate protection and maintain the value of your iPhone, you are going to need the best phone cases of great quality that is expected to increase the longevity of your iPhone. Here are the top 3 best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases in 2019.

CaseMe iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Case

CaseMe 008 iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Case Black
The CaseMe detachable 2-in-1 leather wallet case serves multiple functions and is definitely worth the buy. It comprises of compartments to put your small personal belongings, cash and credit cards that assist you with managing your stuff. The inner hard case and leather case absorb together by strong magnetism. The stylish and compatible design of this case is one of a kind!

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iCarer iPhone 11 Pro Max Genuine Leather Case

This stylish yet compatible iCarer case is made up of 100% genuine cowhide leather. All the stitching of the case is purely handmade that makes a perfectly innovative design. The micro-fibre leather that covers the interior of the case is waterproof and anti-dirt. To get easier access to all buttons, ports, sensors, camera and speaker on your phone, the exquisite cutouts design makes all this easily accessible. You can easily put in and take out your device anytime without any hassle because of its compatible design. You should keep in mind some general guidelines to keep the quality of your leather case intact such as keeping it away from chemicals, acid, dirt, avoid keeping it under the blazing sun for longer duration etc.

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BRG iPhone 11 Pro Max Zipper Wallet Case

BRG iPhone 11 Detachable 2 in 1 Zipper Wallet Case
The detachable BRG 2-in-1 wallet leather case comprises of 1 x zipper pocket, 2 cash pockets and 11 card slots. This innovatively designed case provides complete protection to your phone with its strong magnetism and also provides great space to put your small stuff, so you don’t have to carry so many things. Under the swivel cardholder, there’s a mirror that can be very useful at times.

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Top 3 best cases for iPhone 11 in 2019
TOP 3 Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases in 2019

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