The iPhone 12 Pro Max is now available for pre-order, and these iPhone case options are designed to protect your new device from day one. We found 10 great examples from multiple manufacturers covering a variety of designs and styles. With bold new colors and flat sides, these iPhone 12 Pro Max cases can help show off your new device without losing the new beauty.

Spigen’s ultra-thin case USES scratch-resistant polycarbonate martial arts material with open buttons and raised edges. It supports Spigen’s magnetic car mounts, but does not necessarily support MagSafe attachments. But there is a trade-off for compatibility: magnetic metal on the inside can destroy wireless charging.

The ESR iPhone 12 Pro Max case comes with a built-in stand that supports your iPhone vertically and horizontally and closes securely when not needed. ESR says its lab tests show that bracket hinges retain more than 80 percent of their strength after 3,000 USES.

Speck iPhone 12 Pro Max’s marquee features unique grip design around Speck’s edges. The company promises an 8-foot drop protection for the double shell.

CaseMe iPhone 12 Pro Max wallet case, a portfolio based model with three card slots and a side cash bag. The case has a TPU inner shell and a magnetically clasped cover.

Totallee’s model is the thinnest ultra-thin case on our list, adding just 0.02 inches to the iPhone’s depth. The camera’s lip is up, but it doesn’t wrap around the screen, so it needs to be placed face down with extra care.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max battery case has a built-in 6,000mAh battery, which increases the iPhone’s internal capacity by 163%. Unlike some models, it USES Lightning cable for charging and supports wireless charging.

The OtterBox iPhone 12 Pro Max case offers rugged protection, consistent design across phones and generations, and a seven-year warranty. The two-piece housing has a lightning – proof port cover and antibacterial protection.

ICarer iPhone 12 Pro Max leather case provides leather styling and first-class anti-fall protection. The company USES Horween leather, which can age over time.

The rugged case of the POLA iPhone 12 Pro Max has five layers of protection, including leather, metal and polycarbonate. It has a honeycomb grip and tactile buttons for a clear click.

DG.MING iPhone 12 Pro Max CASE is a portfolio protector that maintains a smooth appearance. It has a vertical slot on the back for cash or CARDS.

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