Apple calls their new mold-breaking iPhone X the future of smartphones.

The iPhone X is due for release in early November, but you can already pick for a variety of wallet cases in anticipation.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite iPhone X wallet cases , all of which are shock absorbing, scratch resistant, and oh so stylish.

1. Case-Mate Tough ID Leather Wallet Case
Case-Mate’s Tough ID case is a stylish and durable case that also serves as a minimalist card holder.

The case’s handcrafted genuine leather has two stitched pockets which allow you to carry along a credit card and your ID. If you normally use a card holder instead of a wallet, this case will work just right for you.

2. Silk Q iPhone X Wallet Case
The Q Case is so lightweight and functional that it holds Silk’s esteemed title of “Wallet Slayer.”

Its stretchy fabric sleeve on the backside is capable of holding three cards plus some folded bills without adding much bulk.

Its edges are air-cushioned to resist drops, and the case has a small bezel around the screen to prevent cracks. To top things off, the card sleeve folds out to serve as a kickstand.

3. Speck Presidio iPhone X Wallet Case
Speck’s Presidio Wallet case earns high marks because it combines the ruggedness of a defender case with handy card holding functionality.

The case is made from what Speck calls Impactium. This material absorbs shock and resists scratches with ease. It exceeds military drop test standards, despite being an overall thin material.

This case’s card slot is only large enough to hold cards or cash, but should still work fine for most people.

4. Silk Vault iPhone X Wallet Case
The Vault is yet another solid wallet case option from Silk. It is about the same size as the Q, and holds the same three cards and a small amount of cash.

It sets itself apart from the Q case with its air pocketed corners and defensive-looking case style.

5. Caseme iPhone X Wallet Case
Caseme case is a classy folio style wallet case that protects your phone and stores both cards and cash.

The case is made from PU leather, a vegan material that resists scratches and scuffs. It has a durable frame to protect each corner as well.

The front folio has a sturdy magnetic clip, and covers the iPhone X’s True Tone screen when not in use.

6. BRG iPhone X Folio Wallet Case
The BRG case may be inexpensive at around $30, but it offers a lot of useful features that make it a solid wallet and a solid case.

It offers storage for three cards and cash on its genuine leather folio cover. This cover has a magnetic clasp, and it can be folded to act as a kickstand.

Beneath the soft leather finish, a built-in snap-on case protects your phone from wear and tear.

7. Spigen Slim Armor CS iPhone X Case
Spigen’s Slim Armor CS is a protective case first and a wallet second, but it can still work as both.

This dual-layer case has an exterior card compartment that holds two cards without adding any bulk. It also has a minimal bezel to protect your screen as well.

8. Case-Mate Folio Leather Wallet Case
This folio design wallet case from Case-Mate is made from the same plush genuine leather as the Tough ID case, but takes on a different form factor.

Its front cover protects your screen in your pocket, and it holds three cards, your ID, and cash.

9. Clayco Argos Protective Wallet Case
Clayco’s Argos Series case is a hybrid case that offers storage for one ID and one credit card.

It is slim and durable, even with two layers of protection. It also has a textured geometric pattern on the back that helps prevent drops before they happen.

10. Flyee Slim Folio iPhone X Wallet Case

For under $10, the Flyee offers an incredible value for those who need a new iPhone X case and a slimmed down wallet.

Its folio cover offers a place to store several credit cards, an ID, and cash, while protecting your screen from scratches and scuffs.

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