The new Apple iPhone 12 Pro is a great smartphone. Therefore, you will want to keep this state with a nice shell. What’s your favorite style for the phone case? Do you prefer something bright and strong, or something light but strong and super protective? Whichever case you prefer, you can find them here. I’ve been testing the iPhone 12 Pro case for appearance, fit, effectiveness and design appeal.

Casetify Ultra Impact
Casetify can handle a variety of cases, and Ultra Impact is the most difficult. The Casetify iPhone 12 Pro Ultra Impact transparent case has a large angular buffer that can be used as a super shock absorber. Still, it’s lightweight and not too bulky. Casetify specializes in customization, where you can choose the color of the shell and then further customize it with messages of up to eight characters.

Mous Limitless 3.0
If you have a Google Case, you can find all sorts of extreme test videos, including inviting people lining up at Apple Stores to throw a 20-foot brand new iPhone into the air and crash it onto the sidewalk. Sundae has a subtle bulge at the edge that protects the screen, and a special material called AiroShock that serves as an efficient shock absorber. The iPhone 12 Pro comes in three finishes – aramid, speckled fabric or walnut. There is a neat extra storage slot for the SIM card eject tool and two SIM CARDS.

Apple Clear Case With MagSafe
Want to show off the colors of the iPhone 12 Pro? no problem Apple’s transparent case feels good and is completely transparent. Well, apart from the magnet ring attached to the MagSafe charger. They sit with rings that perfectly frame the Apple logo. There is also a small NFC area that tells the iPhone the case you are using, which is located below, such as the handle of the magnifying glass. Although the hands don’t grip as well as the silicone case, they’re certainly not too slippery.

Casetify Glitter Case
If you want a transparent iPhone 12 Pro case, but want to catch the eye, then this Glitter case might be for you. Yes, this is the actual flash, as you move the case, it moves up and down. This color is called monochrome silver, but pink unicorn pastel can also be used. As with other Casetify items, you can customize it with different styles and colors of letters. The Casetify trademark logo around the camera panel clearly indicates the brand you are pursuing.

Lifeproof NËXT
This elegant and effective case comes in three different versions of Clear wrap around your iPhone: Black Crystal, Napa and this purple Clear Lake. The Lifeproof iPhone 12 Pro case is a two-piece design. Each color clearly shows the iPhone, but the edges are colorful and opaque. Lightweight, it protects the phone from falling up to six feet and provides extra protection for speakers, microphones and ports. The life box is always strong and durable.

Gear4 Piccadilly Case
If you are wearing a Gear4 case that USES D3O as a shock absorber, you can drop it from a height of 10 feet. Gear4’s skill is to evenly place the material into a similar transparent shell by using D3O to build the edge and coloring it in one of the three shades of black, blue, and rose gold. D3O is also used in many other protective products, such as knee pads, gloves and motorcycle gear, marking its effectiveness. It also has RepelFlex, a shell-covering antibacterial agent that protects bacteria by preventing them from growing.

Ted Baker DIANOE Mirror Case
This is Ted Baker’s go-to box, and it has other functions. When I opened the cover of my portfolio, I found no slot for banknotes and CARDS. Instead, I found a mirror to check the look of it. The appearance of the case itself is hard to miss due to its high gloss and sequin printing effect. Ted Baker’s watch case is known for its sturdy design, reliable quality and striking fashion design.

CaseMe Wallet Case
The back of CaseMe iPhone 12 Pro is protected by an electroplated shell designed to protect the inside of the iPhone. But it’s gorgeous leather wrapped around the back and front of the folio that tells you it’s a luxury item. It’s soft and soft, but very hard wearing. There is a card holder inside the portfolio that can securely store the CARDS while ensuring they are still easily accessible.

DG.MING Vintage Leather Wallet
DG.MING’s accessories are classic and upscale, but cheap, and include a retro iPhone clamshell. You can choose from lovely dark green, charming retro turquoise and more. DG.MING iPhone 12 Pro can hold up to three CARDS and banknotes, so you can easily change your wallet. Its magnetic force closes the neat magnetic buckle and folds in front. Clever accessories mean you can use it to stand on the screen at an ideal Angle, such as watching a video.

iCarer Leather Case
The front and back of the iCarer iPhone 12 Pro case are wrapped in Italian leather, and there is a sleeve inside which you can store memory CARDS and cash. But what stands out is the thinness of the portfolio. This is thanks to the clever way the iPhone attaches to the case. Most manufacturers insert a large internal shell to support their phones, while iCarer USES a panel inside the portfolio, with iphones magically glued to the panel. Magic is actually microsuction, a thin, simple solution that works well. The rear anti-scratch protector is also included to ensure the best combination between the phone and the case.

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