The official website of samsung launched the “trade-in” activity of the S10 series. The old model can be used to buy the new model, and the maximum subsidy is 120 dollars. However, after the service was launched, some netizens found that there were suspected bugs on the website. Even if they did not have old phone, they could also use the discount to buy samsung S10 mobile phone. According to different models, there were different amount of discount, up to $400.

Subsequently, samsung found this problem, and issued a notice on March 17, saying that samsung mall was hacked, resulting in errors, as for the orders that have been generated, will be referred to customer service and consumer communication to solve.

According to the feedback from the consumers, the maximum discount for the consumers participating in this activity is 120 dollars, and they need to make up the rest of the payment, and Samsung send a Samsung Galaxy S10 Case as compensation. The consumers are not satisfied with this measure, and most of them have applied for refund.

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