The iPhone 11 Pro Max has been released for nearly a year. Besides using your cell phone in your daily life, it also accompanies you to play games and surf the Internet for entertainment. Immerse yourself in the good times. Don’t forget to replace it with a new iPhone 11 Pro Max case, because it’s there to make your phone last longer.

CaseMe, as a leader in the industry of mobile phone accessories, has always designed products with simple appearance and exquisite workmanship, and the CaseMe iPhone 11 Pro Max case launched this time is the same. The unique canvas texture on the back of the phone case can effectively enhance the friction and wear resistance performance. The all-in-one design can fit the phone tightly and effectively prevent the phone from falling and damaging its edges and corners.

This simple and fashionable iCarer iPhone 11 Pro Max case is specially made for Apple mobile phones. The overall simple and fresh style, especially the white protective cover, combined with the color contrast border button, makes the original slightly monotonous mobile phone case become more fashionable. In addition to its fashionable appearance, its shell is designed and made of PC material combined with TPU silica gel, which achieves the dual protection effect of hardness and softness and further improves the anti-fall ability of the mobile phone.

The BRG iPhone 11 Pro Max combines a classic look with a fine, comfortable handle. Exquisite production technology, the surface in the soft leather material, can bring the delicate touch, hold in the hand is not easy to slip. The protection design of four-angle full package brings excellent anti-fall protection performance, so as to avoid the occurrence of fall damage and improve the protection performance comprehensively.

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