Apple fans still have six long, painful months to wait before Apple finally unveils its exciting new iPhone 8 flagship smartphone alongside the update iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. The sleek new Galaxy S8 Samsung is set to unveil in just a few weeks will make that wait even more painful, because it gives us a taste of things to come from the tenth-anniversary iPhone. Like Samsung, Apple is said so be moving further toward the all-screen smartphone design consumers are eagerly awaiting. The home button will reportedly be removed from the face of the iPhone 8 and a next-generation Touch ID scanner will be embedded beneath the display. The side bezels will narrow as well, according to rumors, and the sides of the new OLED screen will apparently curve downward toward the back of the phone.

Geskin teamed up with an Apple fan blog called iDropNews to release a new series of iPhone 8 mockups, and they could very well be his best yet. The odds are very slim that they actually resemble Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 8, but they’re still a gorgeous representation of some of the rumors we’ve heard so far.

Apart from the missing sensors and other similar omissions, the iPhone 8 pictured in these renders consists of a new larger display embedded in smooth, glossy housing that seamlessly wraps from the front to the back of the phone. In reality, the iPhone 8 — or “iPhone Edition,” as Apple may call it — will reportedly feature a stainless steel mid-section sandwiched by a glass face and glass back.

Geskin’s design actually might be a good representation of the direction Apple would like to take the iPhone, considering Jony Ive has said that the iPhone of his dreams would look like one continuous piece of glass. There are still too many technological barriers in the way, however, and the new iPhone 8 will seemingly look like a mashup of the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and Galaxy S8.

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