Although Apple said the new iPhone 11 had “the hardest glass in a smartphone”, drop tests showed it first drop on a sidewalk from hip height, which is not very high. To reduce your risk of future damage to the iPhone 11, we introduce you to the most popular iPhone 11 case.

CaseMe Case is compatible with the iPhone 11 with a 6.1-inch screen. When the case is open, it can be charged wirelessly. Because the CaseMe iPhone 11 case is made of silicone, it’s soft and comfortable for your hands. The soft material is good for protecting the phone from crashing and falling.

ICarer currently offers 4 different color choices for its iPhone 11 case. The hybrid technology consists of a TPU bumper and a durable PC backplane. It has a raised border that lifts the screen and camera off the plane. ICarer iPhone 11 leather phone case also supports wireless charging.

BRG iPhone 11 soft TPU and hard PC provide shock absorption and scratch resistance, protecting the iPhone 11 from accidental drops and scratches. The case is firm and strong, but the fingers feel soft and firm. There is also no bumper on the corner of the case in case you accidentally drop your phone. There’s also a raised edge that helps protect the screen and camera lens.”

DG.MING offers a durable liquid silicone case for the Apple iPhone 11. DG.MING iPhone 11 has a smooth skin feel. It releases 80% more heat than it would otherwise, extending the iPhone’s lifespan.

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