As expensive as the iPhone 11 Pro Max is, most users will choose a personalized iPhone 11 Pro Max case. With the continuous improvement of people’s taste, it is also hoped that this accessory to protect mobile phones can become a tool to decorate mobile phones. Today, I would like to recommend some simple and stylish iPhone 11 Pro Max cases.

BRG iPhone 11 Pro Max adopts the appearance design of matcha green and pure color. Without too many redundant elements, it looks very simple when reflected in the eyes, bringing a strong fresh flavor of literature and art. Thanks to the characteristics of liquid silicone material, the mobile phone case is not only fashionable and simple, but also has a very delicate handle, skin-friendly and comfortable as a baby’s skin smooth.

This iCarer iPhone 11 Pro Max case, with its lavender color, gives us a warm and harmonious appearance and brings us a comfortable visual experience. It is especially suitable for girls, and it looks fashionable, fresh and elegant when held in hand. At the same time, the mobile phone case selected liquid silica gel material design, this material is non-toxic and harmless to the human body, so that you can safely use, combined with the protective design of the full package, can provide a 360-degree full range of care for the love machine, even if the phone accidentally slipped from the hand, also do not worry about it will be accidentally knock against wear.

CaseMe, as one of the outstanding mobile phone accessories brands, has been designing products that are deeply favored by users due to its exquisite workmanship and excellent quality. The CaseMe iPhone 11 Pro Max case is also popular among users. Concise and pure white color appearance, can with 11 Pro Max mobile phone iPhone white with a good fit, not only can play a good prevention and protection and can also reflect the effect of hazy aesthetic feeling. Following also works extremely hard on select material, as liquid silicone material, but more frivolous fashion, cancelled the internal flocking design, so that it has good heat dissipation effect.

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