In recent years, Huawei’s P series can be said to be a very well-known presence in the current Android phone market. The recently released Huawei P40 Pro+. And just recently, CaseMe accessories manufacturer announced about Huawei P50 Pro mobile case.

According to the exposed images, the overall body of huawei P50 Pro adopts a crescent design, with bezels in the upper left corner and lower right corner. In the upper left corner of Huawei P50 Pro, there is a front-facing camera, which is not integrated with the body screen. The overall design is a bit like a case with a built-in front-facing camera, which is very novel.

As for the rear camera, Huawei P50 Pro adopts the current mainstream matrix design with five built-in cameras, including four round lenses and one rectangular lens. It is worth mentioning that the module of huawei P50 Pro is the same as the whole mobile phone, which also adopts a similar crescent design and has a kind of mutual correspondence.

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