In choosing the best iPhone 12 Pro case, we consider a number of factors, from objective metrics (such as physical size and protection level) to subjective assessments of appearance. None of the cases will automatically be a selection of cases for past versions, and with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, we put each case on the phone to see its suitability and features. Although we have a wide variety of Suggestions for various styles, we will consider all the Suggestions based on the following conditions:

Drop protection
We look for cases that protect the phone adequately without adding unnecessary decoration or bulk. We don’t do drop tests, but we do look for cases that can withstand some impact. Even a heavy load doesn’t guarantee that your phone will be intact in all cases; for example, hitting the screen directly can still cause damage. The notable exception is the ultra-thin case, which intentionally destroys the phone’s drop protection feature to support a thinner silhouette.

Full coverage
In general, the more phones you protect, the better; We prefer cases that protect everything but the phone’s screen. At its best, it offers touch-sensitive keypad protection that mimics the tactile sensation of buttons on a naked iPhone. We also like the fact that we don’t expose the top or bottom edge of the phone, although that exposure doesn’t necessarily ruin the deal. On the other hand, we don’t consider the Apple logo cases that expose the circular logo on the back of the phone because they offer less protection and no real benefit.

Raised front lip
As Stated in Apple’s case Guidelines (PDF), “After installing the case, the exposed glass on the device shall not enter in any direction within 0.85 mm of a flat surface such as a table or floor.” Lips around the edge of the phone’s display can help prevent the screen from cracking, one of the biggest concerns of all smartphones, but it can also help prevent screen scratches if you place the phone under the screen. According to Apple’s guidelines, we use a 0.85mm feeler for testing.

No wireless interference
The case should not degrade the performance of any wireless signals, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, NFC (near Field communication, Apple Pay is required) or Qi wireless charging. In our tests, we verify that each of these features applies in this case. While the wallet cases may correctly support wireless charging, you shouldn’t expect them to, and if you need wireless charging, we recommend you check your portfolio instead. Furthermore, this situation should not prevent you from using any gestures. This is a particularly important consideration for the iPhone 12 series, which relies on an upward swipe at the bottom edge of the screen as the main interaction.

Broad aesthetic appeal
While you’ll find a case that fits any aesthetic preference, we’ll look for a case with a simple or even elegant design that might appeal to most people, rather than a model that follows a particular aesthetic choice.

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