There are a large number of protective cases that can keep the iPhone XS Max safe and beautiful at the same time. Whether you are looking for protection, decoration, high-quality leather or a purse-style protective case, there is always one for you. From simple protective sleeves to protective sleeves with brackets, and even clips. We have collected the best iPhone XS Max cases.

If you are a fan of wallet phone cases, CaseMe case will work perfectly for them. The way the CaseMe iPhone XS Max front cover rests on the lips instead of on the phone glass is perfect. Not only can be used as a wallet, but also can play a protective role. Several credit cards and ID cards or some cash can be placed tightly on the front cover. I’m sure these pockets will stretch out over time to store more things, but also make them bigger.

DG.MING produces high-quality protective cases for smartphones. DG.MING iPhone XS Max is made of satin-like high-quality full-grain leather, lined with Japanese microfiber. They are very lightweight, but can protect your iPhone from daily shocks, drops, and scratches. Even the buttons are completely covered with leather.

The POLA iPhone XS Max full leather wallet case has a small pocket on the back, which can store credit cards, business or travel cards and ID cards. The front cover is closed magnetically. The wallet shell is made of synthetic leather and polycarbonate. We don’t want it to provide strong protection, but it should be able to cope with daily wear and tear. It can also be folded into a stand for hands-free viewing.

A pocket is placed on the back of the BRG iPhone XS Max full-grain leather case. There are two to three cards in the pocket. It protects XS Max from drops of up to 6 feet and uses brown vegetable tanned Horween leather. It can still be used with wireless chargers.

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