The iPhone XS Max may also be the most fragile due to its glass design throughout the front and back, so we recommend using a case that helps protect your phone from scratches, dents, and broken glass. We can’t tell you what the best case is for you. But we’ve tested the best iPhone XS Max cases on the market to find the best in a variety of styles and categories, considering protection, practicality, and design. Our selection of basic phone cases, leather cases, wallet cases, split cases, transparent cases, additional cases, fitting cases, thin cases and battery cases.

If you prefer a more stylish case, even though it may not last long, we recommend Apple’s own iPhone XS Max leather case. Each provides enough phone body coverage to prevent most wear and slight drops, as well as enough lip rim to protect the screen, but it’s still thin and light.

The Caseme Wallet case looks and feels great, and the shape of the Caseme iPhone XS Max is better than any other case we’ve tested. If you need to hike, it’s sometimes worth giving up a little protection and the comfort of style and luxury.

The DG.Ming iPhone XS Max has a slightly matte finish and feels as pretty as the Apple’s, but with its own logo. The buttons aren’t made of metal, so they feel a little softer than we like. But at the end of the day, it’s a good-looking case that fits better than any other iPhone XS Max leather case we’ve seen.

The Pola iPhone XS Max is a reliable, affordable wallet-style case that holds enough cards to completely replace your wallet. We like the cards to be kept safe in a protective case, but still easy to remove when needed. Made of durable TPU plastic, it is easy to install and durable.

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