Choosing a case carefully means finding a product that provides adequate protection, respects your style, and maybe adds some special features. The best iPhone XS Max case can improve the phone’s durability, longevity and, in some cases, functionality. Finding the right case for the iPhone XS Max is a top priority. Here’s a list of the best iPhone XS Max cases we’ve found for you.

The CaseMe iPhone XS Max is a stylish, affordable wallet case that offers double protection and a raised lip for the screen and camera. The CaseMe case has rubber lining and polycarbonate backing, which can provide adequate protection for the mobile phone in case of accident. In this case, there are also raised lips around the screen and camera, providing the necessary protection against cracks and scratches in these areas.

ICarer is known for its hybrid technology, which combines thermoplastic polyurethane bumpers with polycarbonate rear covers. The flexible TPU absorbs shock, while the back of the polycarbonate protects the phone from falling. ICarer iPhone XS Max cases have raised frames, which can lift the screen and camera off the plane to protect them from scratches, cracks and unfortunate accidents in daily use.

The CASE of the BRG iPhone XS Max has been praised by critics for providing excellent protection after a 13-foot drop. BRG owes much to its cushions, which they say also act as “airbags” during falls. Double deck design. They are also promoting their Microban technology, which prevents bacteria from contaminating and creating odors.

DG.MING Case no doubt provides basic protection for your iPhone XS Max, while also showing off your style. The case is made of polycarbonate and synthetic rubber and comes with easy-to-press buttons to control the volume. The one-piece case is considered the most basic protection. It’s designed to help your phone withstand slight falls, and its beveled edges protect the screen and camera lens from scratches. The DG.MING iPhone XS Max case is ideal for those who are careful in everyday use.

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