The iPhone XS has made many people happy by striking the right balance between affordability and the full value of Apple’s strong processing power and long-term software support. The iPhone XS is as vulnerable to a ground crash as most other phones. The best iPhone XS case can keep your phone safe for a long time. And, fortunately, many of the best iPhone X cases can be used with the iPhone XS.

There are many benefits to a portfolio like CaseMe Case. The case combines the soft shell of the iPhone XS itself to secure it in an open case and protect its sides from falling off. Also, the portfolio includes a magnetic clasp that helps keep the front side closed on the display, providing 360-degree protection.

The CaseMe iPhone X has three cardholders and a cash slot on the front, although this type of portfolio box often doesn’t have enough room for many bills. The case also doubles as a stand, allowing you to easily watch content on the iPhone X. This situation will not only protect your phone, as its RFID blocking feature will also keep your card safe.

If you just want to pick up your phone, the iCarer iPhone XS case may be right for you. The case has a simple leather aesthetic that provides some minor protection while also elevating the style. It doesn’t open at the bottom, and there aren’t many lip protectors to protect the monitor, but it may not be the safest way to protect it, but it has one other convenience. There are two card slots in the back of the suitcase, so you can let go of your wallet and carry your ID and credit card with you wherever you go.

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