Compared with the color scheme carefully selected by mobile phone manufacturers, what makes me more excited is to choose good-looking mobile phone cases for mobile phones. At least three or five different mobile phone cases should be bought, and transparent mobile phone cases are my first choice.

Now manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the design of the fuselage, found that the original color of the fuselage is also very good-looking, more durable than those colorful mobile phone shell.

Of course, the most important thing to use the mobile phone case is to better protect the mobile phone without affecting the use experience. Compared with various mobile phone cases I bought before, clear cases are made of silica gel, which can prevent sliding, scratching and falling.

It is worth mentioning that the fuselage of the hole is very accurate, and close to the hole position will not loose. The most satisfying thing about the lens is that, in addition to being precise, it is slightly higher than the camera to better protect the lens from scratches.

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