There are plenty of cool, cute and crisp cases for the iPhone 7 Plus, and whether you’re worried about falling, bruises, scratches or scratches, here’s the best iPhone 7 Plus case to choose from.

The CaseMe is the best wallet design we’ve seen on the iPhone 7 Plus. The delicate black rubber buffer protects your phone from falling off, while the removable rear case blends well with the elastic color of your choice. CaseMe iPhone 7 Plus can hold up to 14 CARDS and cash, allowing you to leave your wallet at home. We like the look and feel of quality, and free shipping is very affordable.

DG.MING’s two-tone leather wallet is the ideal choice if you are looking for a solid, stylish, and quality product at an affordable price. It protects the front, back, and sides of the iPhone. DG.MING iPhone 7 Plus offers three useful credit card slots to increase usability. Even better, because of its convenient folding design, it can be used as a portable stand.

Smart wallets are always a good choice, and the most important is this affordable leather wallet with iCarer iPhone 7 Plus. It has a magnetic cover, two card slots, and the ability to act as a landscape rack for your beautifully decorated packaging.

If you’re looking for something more upscale to work in the city, BRG’s leather Folio wallet might be the ideal choice. The BRG iPhone 7 Plus‘s affordable leather wallet is practical, with plenty of room for CARDS and notes, and protects the front and back of the iPhone.

POLA iPhone 7 Plus case combines extreme protection with stylish design and we love this product. It is made of anodized aluminum for military grade descent, with a soft internal rubber layer and a hard impact resistant backing. The back is covered with carbon fiber, soft leather or crocodile. There is also a raised lip rim to protect the screen.

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