If you’re buying the new iPhone 12 Pro, you might also want a way to protect it. Since the iPhone 12 series brings some updates to the overall design and shape of the phone, you can’t just choose any old iPhone case for the 12 Pro. We recommend the iPhone 12 Pro leather case, which has many advantages, including durability and overall feel. However, some may not be compatible with Apple’s new MagSafe technology, which magnetizes charging cables (and other components) to the back of the iPhone. If MagSafe compatibility is your biggest concern, use Apple’s own silicone case or scale down to our final blended leather.

If you’re looking for a bigger case that turns the iPhone 12 Pro into a one-stop accessory for all your needs, you’ll love this CaseMe wallet case. The leather is treated, various convenient pockets can hold five to seven CARDS and some cash, and the CaseMe iPhone 12 Pro case has a window for viewing ID.

The slender iCarer iPhone 12 Pro leather case is made of real leather. Vegetable tanned leather has been carefully designed to age with the passage of time, with the use of time, it will gradually form a beautiful patina, so as the passage of time, the case will become more and more beautiful. The thin design also means that the MagSafe connection works. The MagSafe charger can charge the iPhone through the case.

DG.MING iPhone 12 Pro wallet case is made of high quality leather. It also has a subtle sleeve on the back that can hold a few CARDS and replace a wallet if necessary. Unlike some wallet cases, it remains thin and aesthetically pleasing, so it can still be easily slid in and out of the pocket when needed

The Binfen Color iPhone 12 Pro ultra-simple leather case is perfect for minimalists. It’s a leather-bound model that even leaves room for screen protectors – but it has a secret. There is a magnetic board at the back of the case for enabling accessories. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well with MagSafe, but it’s designed to support magnetic stands in cars, desks, and similar locations without messing up the sticky labels or other measures commonly used on magnetic stands.

The packaging of POLA on the leather case is slightly different. The model is made of leather workgroup flexible polymer and high quality leather. The POLA iPhone 12 Pro also comes with a super-soft microfiber lining on the side that stays comfortable and lossless when the case is pulled or pulled open. But the best feature is probably compatibility with MagSafe chargers and other accessories, so you don’t have to worry about losing this feature.

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