The iPhone 11 Pro represents size, power and stability. It’s so efficient because it has the same configuration as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but it’s so much smaller that you can maintain it with just one hand. Glass is glass anyway, and a broken iPhone is a depressing sight. We’ve collected the best iPhone 11 Pro cases to protect your iPhone from weather and disasters.

For those looking for a wallet phone case, CaseMe Wallet Case may be the best option. The case combines a rugged polycarbonate case, universal TPU and a layer of shock-absorbing impact foam to prevent falls and scratches. The CaseMe iPhone 11 Pro case protects your phone from damage, and its slim body doesn’t add to the iPhone 11 Pro’s volume. Raised lips across the display screen and digital camera provide additional security.

Maximizing safety doesn’t mean sacrificing usability. The BRG iPhone 11 Pro case offers top-notch security, with a thick rubber casing that wraps around the iPhone 11 Pro’s shock absorber. At the entrance, the edge of the case stands nicely on the display so you don’t have to worry about a broken screen, and again, you’ll find a flip cardholder that magnetizes off and opens easily.

ICarer leather cases offer a pleasing stability between security and finery, making them a more durable choice for followers. It’s easy to use, and the two-tone shading scheme offers a variety of pleasing shades. ICarer iPhone 11 Pro also supports wireless charging.

For those looking for an extra regular pocket aesthetic, the DG.MING iPhone 11 Pro case consists of two separate magnetic hooks. The double fold case is made of vegan leather with a fine, fluffy outer layer to protect your valuable iPhone. The case has multiple card slots inside, and the iPhone itself comes in a separate fitted case. It has a pleasing bit of magnetism that holds it to the case.

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