This Huawei P40 Pro phone case designed by CaseMe brand is made with a real machine mold opening process. The holes are precisely fitted at the corners and corners. The increased protection design at the lens can also effectively avoid the rubbing wear caused by daily placement on the desktop, making the lens life longer. The frame is made of selected high-quality plastic, which not only ensures the convenience of disassembly and installation, but also provides the advantage of not being damaged easily for a long time.

Although the Huawei P40 Pro mobile phone is full of texture and feels very comfortable, it also requires extra care in protection. In fact, as long as this protective cover is put on, you can save your heart. It is made of polycarbonate PC backplane, which is crystal clear and smooth. It not only retains the original line tone and other aesthetics, but also provides users with a lasting icy grip experience.

The smoothness can also reduce fingerprints and sweat stains attached to the shell surface, and the four corners of the imported TPU frame is blessed, which gives the phone a full range of intimate care. Excellent tensile resistance, making it easy to deal with occasional bumps and bumps. Under the protection of the four-corner hidden airbag, when it receives impact from the outside, Caseme Huawei P40 Pro can be absorbed and dispersed faster, and the protection is doubled.

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