For those of you who bought the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, a new batch of carefully designed cases is now available in online stores, hoping you won’t have to visit the expensive Apple Store. Whether you recently bought a new iPhone 12 or are looking to replace it with a new iPhone 12 Pro case, keep reading about our favorites to keep your device safe.

Is the iPhone 12 the same size as the iPhone 12 Pro?
Yes, they are the same size. Because the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro share the same size and 6.1-inch display, you can easily find a case that fits either model of smartphone.

You’ll find a wide variety of phone case models on Amazon, ranging from wallet-like cases to sturdy cases that can withstand steep drops, but only a few are worth your money. In our research, we chose iPhone 12 and 12 Pro cases to fit any situation, including charging cases, stylish leather folding cases, and more.

Most iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro cases come with a base layer of protection that should be able to withstand normal wear and tear in everyday use. The durability of each case will vary depending on the material it is made from, but the most important thing is that your case should last for years and we only choose from brands we trust.

There are incredible cases out there, but they also tend to be heavy and bulky at times, which is something we try to avoid including on our list, since the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are slightly boxy phones. That said, you should still be able to find stylish phone cases that provide adequate protection against falls and other damage.

The iPhone Wallet Case is a great way to protect your iPhone and keep things like credit cards in a centralized store. This one from CaseMe is easily the most stylish iPhone 12 leather case we’ve found so far, available in both black and rustic brown leather.

You can store your ID, credit and cash on the other side of the phone, which then closes, meaning you get extra screen saver in addition to the built-in wallet. It’s ideal for travel, especially on a work trip that requires visiting business cards.

The biggest draw, however, is its style — a far cry from some of the bulky, overly modern cases available. The case will take on a nice sheen over time, and the more you use it, the better it looks. And even though it’s leather, you can still use it with the Qi wireless charger for a quick and easy charge.

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