If Apple is going to meet those lofty expectations, it’s going to have to ensure it does a few things differently with its next device.

Edge to edge screen
A number of reports have indicated the next generation iPhone — whether it’s called the iPhone 8, iPhone 9, iPhone 10, iPhone X, or something else entirely is still up in the air — will sport a full-screen or curved display. And while those are still rumors, if the company doesn’t deliver on either of these features, it could hurt the iPhone’s sales.

Larger battery
Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus certainly has a long-lasting battery, but the smaller iPhone 7 isn’t quite as robust. With more companies adding larger, more powerful batteries to their handsets, it behooves Apple to outfit both the standard and Plus editions of its next iPhone with high-powered batteries that will meet the demands of users who continue to use more apps, stream more movies and generally bury their faces in their phones more often.

Without a sufficiently long-lasting battery, or one that falls behind the kind of battery life that Samsung’s next handset offers, Apple could see consumers move away from its smartphones.

Fast charging
Outside of battery life, the second most important power feature Apple needs to implement with its next iPhone is some kind of fast charging capability. Most high-end Android smartphones, like Samsung’s Galaxy S7, Google’s Pixel, LG’s G6 and Motorola’s Moto Z, can suck up hours of juice using special chargers in just 15 minutes and, in some cases, top off their tanks in a little more than an hour. Apple’s iPhone, meanwhile, still takes quite a while to recharge.

Wireless charging
While we’re on the topic of batteries and charging, it would be wise of Apple to include some form of wireless charging with its next handset. Sure, LG and Samsung, as well as a number of other smartphone manufacturers, already use wireless charging in their handsets, but Apple is never one to shy away from rebranding an existing technology as its own.

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