With age, many middle-aged and elderly people begin to have presbyopia. What’s a good way to use an iPhone other than manually zooming in the screen or set it to enlarge the display ratio? Japan’s Thanko has released a phone case that doubles the size of the iPhone X/ iPhone XS screen by up to 2 times, and the presbyopic eye no longer has to worry about not seeing the words on the phone.

This phone case is designed with a magnifying glass that matches the iPhone X/XS and comes with a retractable stand that allows users to adjust the magnifying glass’s display ratio and Angle according to the height of the expansion. The magnifying glass can enlarge the screen up to twice. Since the magnifier is suspended between the screen and the magnifying glass, it does not affect the user’s operation when playing with the phone. When the magnifying glass is fully attached to the iPhone, fingers can still operate on the glass, which also protects the screen.

In addition to serving as a screen magnifying glass, the phone case should have no less protective effect. The case is also very light, weighing only 28 grams. Volume is not big, can be received in the pocket completely, won’t cause burden to the user. The iPhone X/XS magnifying glass case costs $30.

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