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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was released yesterday, compared to Galaxy Note 8, its improvement is not big, 6.4-inch curved screen is very amazing, the screen accounted for up to 90%, which means its screen is fragile, estimated from 10cm high position falling, the screen may be broken, so you should consider buy a samsung galaxy […]

Sansung Galaxy Note 9 was released last week, and there is no significant improvement compared to Galaxy Note 8. According to CNET, sales of Galaxy Note 9 did not exceed the sales of Note 8 during the same period, probably due to its price increase, the price of 8GB version, more than $1,000, according to […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be released on Thursday this week, and there are a lot of reports about its features and design. Its price will undoubtedly exceed 1,000 dollars. Its protective measures are essential, it can help you save a lot of money, and Wallet Phone Case is one of the best choices. CaseMe […]

There is no doubt that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be an incredible smartphone, it will be released on August 9. Now, many news sites are discussing this phone. Here we will not discuss it anymore, we discuss its protective measures. After a quick search on Google, we found a lot of beautiful […]