While many users have their eyes on 5G phones, I’ve quietly discovered a particularly good phone: the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus flagship. At the same time, it is the flagship product of Samsung last year. Compared with Samsung Note 10 series products, it is more rounded in appearance design, with fashionable and personalized appearance, which meets the taste demand of young users. The Samsung S10 Plus has a smaller, 6.4-inch screen, and while it could have a more impressive visual presence on CETv, the bigger the screen, the greater the chance of day-to-day wear and tear. So it’s necessary to add a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus case that can prevent falling and has personality.

CaseMe designed the Case for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus, which is designed specifically for young people. Individual character vogue holds concurrently a variety of beautiful beautiful exterior colour, for instance the blue with sedate and sedate, individual character contracted, contracted and pure and fresh pink is waited a moment. Meanwhile, the CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus following from selected high quality liquid silicone material to build a shell body, not only comfortable and fine and smooth, also has the excellent and anti-scrape wear-resisting protective effect, coupled with good memory repair ability, even if is encountered in daily life hard small scratches, can easily implement automatic repair, moment presents a fresh visual effect.

Samsung S10 Plus mobile phone case made by iCarer does not have too many elements in its appearance, but with simple blue tone, users can show their unique taste and temperament. The shell body made of selected blend modified PP material has a good anti-fall and wear protection effect. On the other hand, the 0.3mm thickness design of The iCarer Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus mobile phone case is just right, which does not seem too heavy at all. Even if you use the case on your mobile phone, it will not affect your hand feel or the use of wireless charging.

BRG Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus translucent exterior design can restore the hazy beauty of the phone, strictly following the 1:1 model-opening shell body of the real phone, which is firm and hard to loosen. At the same time, the precise fit of the keypad position in the protection shell will not affect the keypad operation of the phone and the normal charging of the data cable. Thanks to the unique properties of the blend modified PP material, the protective shell has a high impact resistance performance. In the case of accidental fall, it can be quickly dispersed to the whole mobile phone in a very short time by means of molecular transfer, thus reducing the damage caused by the collision between the mobile phone and hard objects.

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