The iPhone 11 series, launched last year, is apple’s most expensive phone. In this case, a natural need for a fall-proof phone case. And the protective cover that blended in fashionable individual character appearance, can reveal user unique grade temperament not only, combine excellent feel and prevent fall effect, can let you use process more at ease. Today, combined with Apple iPhone 11 Pro, I would like to recommend several simple and personalized iPhone 11 Pro cases.

CaseMe designed the iPhone 11 Pro case with a simple and pure black exterior design, presenting a simple and stylish aesthetic. In addition to the simple design, the CaseMe iPhone 11 Pro is also carefully selected materials. The surface adopts blend modified PP material design, with fine frosted texture on the surface. The protective design of the whole package has a high impact resistance, in the face of casual knock can quickly absorb the impact.

The Icarer iPhone 11 Pro case is made of transparent frosted material, and the surface is treated with micro-frosted technology, which has an excellent effect of removing fingerprint sweat. It is worth mentioning that the protective design with a front and rear elevation of 0.7mm can effectively prevent collision and wear in daily life. The shell body is made by combining with the opening of the real machine, and the fine keystroke of the hole position fits together, which will not affect the normal plugging and unplugging of the data line.

BRG iPhone 11 Pro combines the thin shell body with the surface of carbon fiber technology design, which not only brings concise and fashionable visual beauty, but also has excellent anti-skid, anti-sweat and anti-fingerprint performance, which can bring users a dry and comfortable grip experience. On the other hand, the mobile phone case is wrapped with soft TPU material, which is soft and elastic and can bring excellent anti-fall performance without fear of injury caused by accidental fall.

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