IPhone 11 series phones adopt the glass body as the back cover, which not only makes the whole model more fashionable and personalized, but also further improves the texture. Although the glass of the phone itself has excellent performance in all aspects of hardness, it is difficult to resist unexpected drops in daily life. Therefore, it is believed that every consumer will do to add a fashionable fall-proof iPhone 11 Pro Max case after purchasing a new phone.

The CaseMe transparent case is designed for the iPhone. Not only the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but other models as well. Different from the ordinary transparent mobile phone case on the market, CaseMe iPhone 11 Pro Max is made of 9H hard glass material on the back. The crystal clear appearance can always present the beauty such as the basic lines. At the same time, the thin thickness design of the mobile phone case is also just right, which brings about the bare machine’s general hand feeling, and will not affect the normal use of wireless charging.

As the leader in the mobile phone accessories industry, iCarer has always been favored by users for its high-quality materials, exquisite workmanship and excellent quality. The same is true for the iCarer iPhone 11 Pro Max case launched this time. The overall appearance strictly follows the 1:1 model opening of the real machine, the precise keystroke of the hole position fits tightly and firmly, which will not affect the wireless charging and the normal operation of the keystroke.

This BRG iPhone 11 Pro Max mobile phone case is pure and transparent in appearance, simple and elegant in overall shape, matched with the exquisite color of the phone itself, presenting a unique texture. It can be used by both boys and girls, showing a unique taste experience between reaching out and lifting the wrist. In addition to the simple shell body, the phone case in detail in the design is also very careful. Different from the ordinary mobile phone case on the market, its upgraded full-package lens protection design, combined with its own enhanced protection design, effectively prevents the lens from bumping caused by daily placing on the desktop, greatly extending the service life of the lens and making the photos more clear and detailed.

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