As the most important protective accessories for mobile phones, the exterior design of mobile phone case has been unable to meet the needs of users. Next, combined with the popular Apple iPhone X, we recommend several fashionable and simple iPhone X protective cases, which can not only protect against falling, but also show your unique taste and temperament.

CaseMe designed the iPhone X mobile phone case, with its simple line design, does not have too many complicated elements decoration, only with the simple tone, this case has a charm. Pure lines supplemented by the classic pure white appearance, can also deduce the personality style. CaseMe iPhone X case is made of high-quality liquid silica gel material, which is environmentally friendly and odorless, strong and durable and anti-oxidation. Combined with the all-inclusive design, CaseMe iPhone X can provide all-round care without fear of scratches and wear caused by falling.

ICarer iPhone X case is dominated by color contrast frame, which makes the case look more simple and elegant. Meanwhile, the translucent design keeps the beauty of the mobile phone itself, and at the same time, it can show the unique taste and temperament of the user. In addition, the case is designed with high-quality silicone bezel, which is delicate and smooth and can present a skin-like touch for you.

BRG iPhone X mobile case adopts environmental PROTECTION TPU combined with four-angle air bag protection design, which can present the beauty of the phone and at the same time, it also has excellent anti-fall protection performance. In the case of accidental fall, it can quickly resolve the strong external impact, so as to avoid the collision between the screen and the ground. The design of 0.5mm higher than the lens can effectively prevent the frosting caused by the daily collision of the lens, greatly extending the service life of the lens, and taking pictures more clearly.

DG.MING iPhone X has an innovative bezel free design to restore the original touch. Moreover, the overall thickness of the mobile case is thinner and lighter, so it is particularly convenient to carry. On the other hand, the surface of the mobile phone case is made of high-quality PC material, with excellent anti-scratch and wear-resisting protection effect. Even if it is put in the pocket backpack, there is no need to worry about the damage caused to the shell surface by hard objects such as key chain. The surface of the mobile phone case is also processed by micro-frosting process, which has the characteristics of anti-hand sweat and anti-slip, and no fingerprints left.

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