The launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series of phones also witnessed the transformation of Samsung from a “mobile commodity” to a “mobile art” manufacturer. In particular, Samsung S20 mobile phone Monet color scheme, light and color of each other, but also to write us a poem of artistic color. In the face of expensive mobile phones, mobile phone protection is also essential. Here are a few simple business style Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus phone cases.

CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus mobile phone case collection of simple elements, with exquisite workmanship to create, for you to maintain an atmosphere, gentle temperament. On collocation classic black appearance, between square inch reveals sedate, classic business wind, let you be in between hand lift wrist, show luxurious grade experience to the utmost. Back to the product itself, this mobile phone case has a thin thickness of 0.3mm. Even if you put it on the phone case, you will not feel any change, and it will not affect the normal use of wireless charging.

ICarer Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Case is made in a simple style. In terms of material selection, the blending modified PP material is the key to create this protective case. Anti-oxidation polymer is added to the case mechanically, and the mobile phone will not turn yellow and discolored after a long time of use. Not only that, the surface of the mobile phone case also adopts micro-scrub process, anti-slip and anti-sweat, but also can effectively reduce the adhesion of fingerprint hand sweat. In addition, the cell phone case around the use of scientific edge processing, perfect fit most of the market tempered film.

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