Every new mobile phone release, there will be manufacturers competing to learn from each other in the appearance design, although they have been following suit, but they have never been surpassed. In particular, the iPhone XR phone, with its fashionable and simple appearance and smooth system performance, still has an excellent use experience even after more than a year of release. It is necessary to add a fashionable and personalized iPhone XR case.

The case of iPhone XR designed by CaseMe is made of fashionable and simple pure white design, which is more delicate and endurable with the white iPhone XRphone. At the same time, the case of CaseMe iPhone XR is made of high-quality liquid silica gel material, which has a delicate hand feel and excellent anti-skid and anti perspiration effect, so you don’t need to worry about accidental falling. On the other hand, the mobile phone case also supports full body washing. Even if it is accidentally stained with stains, it can be easily washed between them, so as to maintain the brand-new visual effect of the case at all times.

Icarer iPhone XR is different from the ordinary mobile phone case on the market. It adopts the creative color contrast button design, which makes the original slightly monotonous mobile phone case more interesting, and at the same time, it can decorate the love machine to show its unique taste. This mobile phone case is made of high-quality PC material and TPU material. It has excellent anti falling and anti-seismic protection. Even if it falls accidentally, it can protect the phone intact.

BRG designed Apple iPhone XR mobile phone case does not need complicated pattern decoration, and the transparent appearance can show the artistic taste more. The mobile phone case is designed in a transparent way, which will not block the charm of the line beauty of the iPhone XR phone itself. It is made of soft and delicate silica gel. The BRG iPhone XR has excellent anti falling and wear-resistant protection. The design of the four corner bone anti falling airbag can protect the mobile phone in all directions.

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