Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy S11 series will be unveiled in San Francisco in the third week of February 2020, SamMobile reported. It said the exact date would most likely be February 18, 2020.

Today, phonearena also Shared a set of samsung Galaxy S11 renderings. It said the S11 series will carry samsung’s 100-megapixel sensor, will use huawei’s P30 Pro as a potential zoom, and will add a spectrometer sensor. The samsung S11 also adds a spectrometer next to the lens that can analyze a user’s health, determine the nutritional value of the food or fruit they’re about to eat, or analyze your skin and offer skincare recommendations.

Samsung’s S11 will most likely continue the Note 10’s design, with a curved screen, but it’s not likely to end up looking as sleek as the rendering. As for the core configuration, the samsung S11 is expected to start with the qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor, which should support 5G.

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