According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy S30 may have four curved-edge displays. According to a new patent filed by Samsung Display, Samsung ’s Galaxy S30 can get a display with four curved sides. This patent (PDF) shows a natural extension of what you can call Samsung’s “Edge Display” design by adding a curve to the top and bottom edges, but keeping the corners.

Anyone who has seen the latest news of Huawei P40 Pro will recognize this style of screen. In Huawei’s view, it is called “overflow display”. During our hands-on operation of the P40 Pro, the cleverly curved edges on all four sides give the phone a borderless appearance. The combination of soft angles and a curved back feels great. Obviously such a display can be made, which may be the reason that inspired Samsung to develop its own version.

Galaxy Note 20 will be the next flagship product released by Samsung, but to use the patent, it may be too far away in its production process. This brings us to the Galaxy S30. We expect the S30 to be at least as large as the 6.7-inch Galaxy S20 Plus, or even no larger than the 6.9-inch Galaxy S20 Ultra, which will make it more difficult for many potential users to hold their hands. Adding curved edges will make the S30 more ergonomic and help re-establish a key component of the Samsung brand image.

Since this is only a patent, even if possible, Samsung is still years away from implementing it. But we have seen that Huawei can perform this design well, so it is not without problems to hope that the display function will appear on the S30 next year.

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